Manage your licenses

Our front end will support you. Automated processes will relieve you.

How to manage your licenses

In the last section we explained how we collect the right data and information with our scanning tool. In the next step the data existing of various installations and applications must be adjusted to the actual rights from licenses and contracts. Managing licenses means for us above all to consider complex and comprehensive license rights as well as update- and downgrade rights.

Many software products allow you a choice concerning the kind of license model you use. In case of using a Microsoft SQL Server you can for example choose between three different options: a device-bound, core-bound or processor-bound license model. With our solution you can define the affinity of the license models for individual workplaces and software products if needed. If the SQL Server is for example utilized by internet services you can define for the device and the SQL Server that the processor-bound license model should be used for a specified amount of processors. This definition leads to the effect that within the allocation of existing licenses the matching licenses get assigned.

We collect your virtual IT landscape with the help of powershell-scripts. Within this process the relation of a virtual machine (VM) to the host and from the host to the cluster is read out, too. In recording this relation regularly we can achive that movements of the virtual machine from and to an individual host can be considered. This enables us to identify the maximum need of licenses of the virtual cluster.

How we relieve you

Our product is actually in the state of further development and follows a development roadmap. On this roadmap various automation processes are planned to relieve your work with SAM step by step. We focus on the following features:

  • Automatic assignment of a pre-license to an update-licence
  • Automatic identification of the windows CAL in terms of version and quantity
  • Automatic downgrade of a license to a previous version
  • Automatic update of a Software Assurance license to the highest possible version

What results you will get

The management of licenses means for you above all to get a reliable and meaningful license balance which enables you to get a well-founded overview of your software assets. Examples for the need of this could be among other things a corporate combination (due dilligence analyses), an audit requirement or the need for supply cost savings.

Please try it yourself: after your registration you get ASSETARIS service licenses for 10 devices. With them you can try the full scope of our solution for free.

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