Live your SAM process

Assets will come and go. Live your processes continously to support your procurement decisions.

Our experience and the rule of 80:20

Usually SAM projects start in a highly motivated way. New processes are being implemented successfully in the company and staff members get entrusted with responsibility for them.

If you take a closer look at the situation after some time it shows often that processes within the software management cycle are not lived properly anymore:

  • important staff members with SAM know-how have left the company
  • new software was purchased but the documentation in the SAM tool was neglected most of the time
  • SAM status is uncertain again ⇒ procurement decisions are made of poor quality

We have identified the most significant reasons for this trend and their challenges. Only 20% of the problems are responsible for 80% of SAM project failures or early project endings. In the following we show you the challenges that can lead to a risk of success:

How we face these challenges

Inventory: our scan tools get regularly updated automatically via Linux-technology. In a defined procedure your admins get a new version for testing and release. Afterwards the new version can be released for productive operation just at the touch of a button. So your admins can focus on their daily work.

Management: if a software product for your registration process does not yet exist in the software catalog your employee can apply for the completion of the catalog right away in our provided ticket system. Due to central maintenance the registration process can be continued contemporarily after we completed the ticket. Instead of getting frustrated by waiting for days or weeks your employees stay motivated because they get things done quickly to the end. In case of loosing SAM know-how through fluctuation of employees we can support you at short notice: we offer registrations of existing contracts and licenses as a paid service to you.

Analysis: you get complex issues highly concentrated in the license balance. So the need for immediate action or information is made clearly evident. To find the right way in compensating a deficit you can find help with the consultants of GUGL. They are happy to help you with interpretation and finding the best solution for you. So often our customers can exploit the full hidden high potential out of the licence balance.

Deviation: even the best SAM project is of no use if your employees don´t understand the consequences of their actions as it concerns SAM. In cooperation with GUGL we can provide you therefore very useful an effective training concepts. Trough them your staff get sensitized for the issue and with more know-how can act more responsibly as it concerns your resources

Purchase: in the procurement process frame contracts can be very important. Possibly your company or public authority is able to be served by a frame contract from a parent company. Probably you can only use software products in a virtual environment with load balancing with an existing supplementary agreement. As your decisions will be taken into future they should be well founded. The independent consultants of GUGL can support you with their know-how here as well. By taking an integrated view it´s even more likely for you to realize the full given potential SAM provides to you.

All these steps should help you to preserve and protect the whole purpose of your SAM project: well founded procurement decisions into resources you really need for providing secured daily operation.

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